Why You Need a Scribe Tool

A Cookie Scribe is an invaluable tool used in cookie decorating.  When I first started decorating cookies I used toothpicks!  There wasn’t any pretty and cute scribes on the market like there is today.  I was introduced to a cookie scribe a few years ago and really didn’t think I would use it that much but surprisingly I found myself grabbing for my scribe all the time while decorating.  

Here are just some of the benefits of using a cookie scribe.

My favorite use for my cookie scribe is it helps move the flood icing around on my cookies and helps me guide the icing into tight corners.  The scribe helps to even out your flood icing on the cookie. 

I also use my scribe tool whenever I have a boo boo on my cookie.  Whether I’m just cleaning up an edge of an outline or having to scrap a section of the cookie where I messed it.  It’s so handy and useful.  

When you flood your cookies you will most than likely have air bubbles in your icing.  There are some technigues to avoid air bubbles (like letting your flood icing sit for 10 min before bagging-the air bubbles rise to the surface) but a handy trick is to use your scribe to pop the bubbles on your freshly flooded cookie.  You can move your scribe through your icing to pop any bubbles that might be lingering a little too long.  

And lastly you can use your scribe to etch a design on to your cookie or dried icing.  I do this all the time.  Edible markers do not work on my cookies very well because they are so soft but I have found that tracing a pattern or image on the cookie with my scribe works and helps me to have straight and perfect lines.  

I now have several cookie scribe options in my shoppe!  I’m excited to not only share these designs but also begin a “Cookie Scribe of the Month” with a new and fun design every month!  They will be launching on the first day of the month.  I will announce on the 25th day of the month what the new upcoming scribe of the month design will be!  Come check them out!

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