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Would you ever consider writing a book?

It’s one of my BIG dreams is to have a gift cookie decorating book one day!

How did you become so good?

Lots and lots and lots of practice. Cookies started as a fun hobby and quickly turned into a passion. It was something I enjoyed and they made others happy.

What is your favorite cookie theme?

I love making baby theme and first birthday cookies. I absolutely love a Fiesta, Nautical and Summer theme.

What is your favorite meringue powder?

I love Genie’s Dream Meringue Powder. It makes your icing fluffy, almost like marshmallow fluff. I also used Wilton brand for many years and it worked well. Just make sure you add a flavoring (like vanilla or, lemon or butter) to your icing when mixing.

What advice would you give someone wanting to start a cookie business?

Go for it. If you enjoy cookies I would recommend going for it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice from others around you. Also, don’t compare your starting line to someone else’s longer journey. Remember that practice always helps and persistence is key. My parents always told me growing up, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” and I firmly believe that.

How did you get started making cookies?

I always enjoyed baking in my mom’s kitchen growing up. I fondly remember her making character birthday cakes for my brother and I growing up. One summer before I had kids I decided to take a cake decorating class from Michaels so I could make decent cakes for my kids one day. I fell in love with baking and started making cakes here and there. After my oldest was born we went to a birthday party that was a farm theme full of pony rides and a petting zoo. They also had the most adorable decorated sugar cookies I had ever seen. I fell in love and immediately went home and started researching online everything about decorated cookies.

What are your favorite tools and supplies?

You can also find tons of different royal icing recipes online and on Pinterest. Pick one (or a few) and try them out. You can also get my Essential Starter Supply List here that gives you all the things (and things you don’t need) when you are starting out.

I’m just getting into baking and cookie decorating, where should I start?

I would start with a good sugar cookie recipe. You can find mine here or there are tons online. Just give some a go and test them out to see if you like them. You can also find my Royal Icing recipe here.