Using Royal Icing Transfers

Over the Christmas holidays, I loved seeing so many snow globe cookies with so many different varieties of Royal Icing Transfers. My favorites are the snowmen, trees, and snowflakes. We don’t see too much snow here in middle Tennessee so we will take all the snow themes we can get.

I’ve purchased many royal icing transfer PDF’s and my favorites are from Maddie’s Cookie Co and BearFoot Baker.

Supplies for Royal Icing Transfers :

  • Snowman PDF from BB
  • Trees PDF from MCC
  • Rainbow nonperils
  • Black sugar pearls
  • Orange piping icing


  1. Tape the icing sheet printout to a sheet pan (this makes it easy to move)
  2. Next take either wax paper or cello bag on top of image and tape to the printout
  3. Now you are ready to make your icing transfers! You will want to use 20-second icing for everything. I do like to make my 20 seconds a little on the thicker side so that it doesn’t run over)
  4. You first want to make the body of your snowman. Once you make your circle place 2 black pearls in the middle for his “buttons” then place 2 chocolate jimmies for the arms. Let it dry for a few minutes before moving on to the head and bottom.

Time to make the head of our snowman. Pipe a circle for the head and add 2 black pearls for the eyes. Take your orange outline icing and make a triangle just under the eyes for his nose. For the bottom make a circle with your icing and let it dry. You can always add some other fun decorations like a hat and scare after it has dried. Once your snowman is finished you want to make sure that it has tons of time to dry before you take it off the sheet. I recommend 8 hours or overnight. You can always add some other fun decorations like a hat and scarf after it has dried.

For the tree, you want to use a little thicker icing for this type of tree. I think this tree is perfect for a winter scene. Add some white sanding sugar to give it that “fresh snow” lookAllow for 8 hours or overnight to dry.

*I usually like to add either sanding sugar or non-perils to my snow globe cookies.

Once your transfers are sufficiently dry it’s time to take them off and put them on your cookies. You can use the flat end of your boo boo stick to “pop” them off or you can peel the paper off the back of your transfer.

Lastly, there are two ways to attach your icing transfers to your cookie. You can place some piped icing on the back of the transfer and put in place or you can place your icing transfer right on to your cookie after you have finished flooding your cookie.

Royal Icing Transfers are so great for making ahead of time and saving time for you! BearFoot Baker and Maddie’s Cookie Co has tons of other royal icing transfers you can check out and use.

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