The 3 Biggest Mistakes when Making Dough

I get tons of questions all the time about making sugar cookie dough. Bakers are always asking when do you know its time to roll your dough? Why is my dough crumbly? What are my favorite brands to use? So I came up with the 3 biggest mistakes when making sugar cookie dough!

Mistake #1

The first mistake that some bakers make is not using quality ingredients. Now you don’t have to use everything name brand but I have a few specifics that I’m particular about. Butter, eggs, and salt are all store brand. The ingredients that really matter are flour, baking powder and vanilla. Let’s talk vanilla first because it’s the easiest. Make sure you are using Pure Vanilla. This will ensure your cookies have a rich flavor.

Next you want to make sure you use All Purpose Flour. I like King Arthurs the best and have the best quality cookies with this brand. And lastly make sure to grab the Clabber Girl baking powder as even though you only use a little bit using the store brand will make a big difference and might cause your cookies to spread.

Mistake #2

Not mixing well enough after the first round of flour. You want to make sure that you mix your dough really well after the first round of flour you add to your butter/sugar mixture. Make sure that the flour gets incorporated very well.

Mistake #3

Another mistake many bakers make is taking your dough out of the mixer too soon. When this happens you will notice your dough it sticky to the touch. You will see lots of dough hanging out on the sides of your bowl. Another sign that your dough isn’t done is when it’s crumbly. If you notice lots of crumbs especially in the bottom of your bowl just keep mixing and you will start to see your dough slowly for a bowl and start to pull away from the sides of the bowl.

I hope you found this information on common mistakes when making cookie dough to be helpful. I know when I first started I would have loved to know this kind of information.

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