Summer’s Cookie of the Month Club

Stop searching Google and YouTube to figure out how to decorate sugar cookies and just join the Cookie of the Month Club so you can learn from a pro and have fun at the same time!

Sometimes you know exactly which cookies you want to decorate, and other times you need a little help with creativity. I love to look at a cookie and see all the different ways it can be used and decorated with delicious royal icing to create a whole new tasty treat. This is also a great way to stretch the money you are spending on cookie cutters and supplies, so you get more out of each item you purchase.

As with everything I put into my courses, you will also have a fantastic community of people learning along with you to ask questions, bounce ideas off of, and grow with. You’re never alone when you sign-up for a program with me, I create courses and memberships that help you to grow in every way possible with your sugar cookie journey, I won’t leave you hanging all alone.

So, what is the Cookie of the Month Club?

The Cookie of the Month Club is a budget-friendly membership for cookie decorators & home bakers who are ready to level up their decorating skills so they can stop constantly Googling Cookie Tutorials and start creating gorgeous, AND SIMPLE, designs that your friends and family will fall in LOVE with! 

Each month you get a supply list, instruction sheet, and guided videos to use one cookie-cutter three different ways. I will show you three different designs I came up with for the cutter and you can buy it through the link provided and then gather your supplies. It is self-paced, so you can make the cookies when you have all your supplies together and pause and rewind as much as you need to. Decorating sugar cookies has never been more fun!

How Does it Work?

On the 1st of the month, Summer releases a new, pre-recorded video tutorial to the website. Create a lot-in at checkout and then access your tutorial whenever you want! 24/7 access to you can go back and watch the tutorials again and again.

Your monthly membership fee will be automatically drafted the same day each month as when you signed up.

I’m a beginner cookie decorator, would this work for me?

Absolutely! Summer has been decorating for 11 years and teaching cookie decorating to hundreds of beginners over the past 4 years.

How much is this membership going to cost me?

Once a month you will be charged the $15 membership renewal fee, and get your links and downloads for the set of sugar cookies for the month. You can cancel at any time, that information is outlined in more detail on the site page for the membership sign-up. Your membership fee includes each of the following once a month:

  • Cookie Decorating Video Tutorial
  • Supply List
  • Step-by-Step Decorating Instructions
  • Easy-to-Use Student Portal

You will be amazed how quickly your sugar cookie decorating skills take off and how much fun you have just from one session a month. You will end up with several cookies of each decorating theme to share and enjoy and you can watch your progress move forward each month with minimal cost and maximum fun! I can’t wait to have you as a member of the Cookie of the Month Club, so click that button above and find out more, and sign up so you can start with the next batch of cookies!

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