Getting Started Selling Decorated Sugar Cookies

Whenever you start something, the hardest part is ….starting it right.  Like when you decide you want to start a new exercise program.  It’s easier when a trainer tells you precisely what to do.  Learning a new skill or hobby?  It’s so much smoother and easier when you have someone who has gone before you to give you a guide and roadmap to getting the results you want.  The same is true when starting a Cookie Business. 

Have you been dreaming of and on your list of goals this year to start your Cookie Business and start selling cookies?  You are in the right place! 

This group, my blog, my course – Cookie Academy, and my membership groups – NLCC and CC2C – are all dedicated to helping people just like you start, build and grow a thriving cookie business.  

The truth is, starting a cookie business is hard work.  It can be very rewarding and help bring in lots of extra revenue, and can even be life-changing.  But it’s still hard work.  Hard work comes when you have to take steps to set up and give yourself a chance. 

Starting a Cookie Business is more than just pretty cookies in boxes and bows. 

Today I’m talking about 3 areas you need to focus on when you start.  Each area is important, and helps your build a solid foundation to then continue building.


How many customers can you expect if no one knows you sell decorated sugar cookies?  Seems like a silly question, but the answer is NONE! 

Marketing is getting what you have to offer in front on people.  It means you are producing content that is educating, informing and bringing value to your audience. It’s showing your audience why they should buy your decorated sugar cookies. And how your cookies make an impact in their lives. Marketing is sharing your story with your idea audience.  

I use email marketing and social media marketing to interact with my audience. 

When you are getting started, the first thing you want to do is attract people.  You want to give them the hook.  That means gaining followers or getting them to visit your website or join your email list. 

One of your goals should be to get people’s email addresses.  This allows you to stay in communication with them and build that relationship.  

Opt-ins are a great way to build your email list.  It could be a coupon or a special offer, but your goal should be to build that email list. 

Building an Audience

In order to sell your cookies, you have to have an audience to sell to.  Building your audience can be hard work.  It takes time and consistency.  You have to continuously show up for your people – and then show up again and again. 

Building an audience means finding people your cookies are suitable for and inviting them into your world.  You then need to engage with them, provide value and build connections with them.

People buy from those they know, like, and trust – not from brands.  Building your audience means letting them get to know you, like you, and building that trust with you.  


Remember, What is your why?  What is your motivation? Is it the joy of creating something or the satisfaction of planning and following through?  Maybe it’s to have income or flexibility with your home life. Your why is what drives, moves, and energizes you. 

Building a business comes with doubts and fears as business owners.  I see this all the time inside Next Level Cookie Club.  Mindset stops some members from moving forward and is the catalyst that allows others to push past obstacles.  Your mindset is so vital to the success of your cookie business.  There will be challenges and obstacles along the way.  And things will go wrong – like forgetting an order or missing an important detail.  But you move forward toward your goals. 

I hear from cookiers always saying there are other cookiers in their community.  Or their market is already saturated with cookiers. Listen, there is enough business for all of us.  There are enough people out there who need and want cookies.  

You have to embrace imperfections.  I know it’s hard, you want everything to be perfect, but the truth is, people don’t want to buy from perfect people.  They want to buy from people they can relate to.  

Mindset means seeing the positive and recognizing and celebrating the small wins.  I promise this will help motivate you to continue to move forward. 

Learn from me:

  • Cookie Academy Lite – my online course that teaches you how to make beautiful and delicious sugar cookies.  I take you from start to finish, from making your sugar cookies with my tried and true recipe to making your royal icing and nailing the consistency to learning beginner techniques for every cookie occasion.  
  • Next Level Cokie Club – My Membership teaches you how to level up your cookie decorating skills and helps you build and grow your cookie business 
  • Cookie Classes to Cash – My membership is for Cookiers who want to start teaching cookie classes and want done-for-you designs, marketing material, strategies, and more.  You’ll also get ongoing marketing and social media training to help you scale your cookie business.  

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