How to make DIY Custom Sprinkles

There are definitely times when I want some coordinating sprinkles to go with a cookie set. I’m sharing today how you can easily make homemade sprinkles that coordinate perfectly.

Supplies you need:

  • online icing in each color
  • a cello bag

I place the cello bag on a metal tray so it’s easy to transfer and it’s a flat surface. You can use either tips or just tipless bags. Just depends on how thick you want your sprinkles.

Now it’s time to pipe lines on your cello bag. Once you have piped all the lines place in front of a fan to dry for a few hours.

Once the piped lines have dried it’s time to make sprinkles. Take the cello bag and start bending and breaking the lines. I like to place them in a little cup until I’m ready to use them.

Now it’s time to use your sprinkles!

First outline and flood the cookie where you will apply the sprinkles. Make sure not to over fill the cookie because you will add weight with the sprinkles and you don’t want the icing to overflow.

I like to use a little spoon, or a teaspoon to add the sprinkles. Gently add the sprinkles to the wet icing.

And there you have fun and festive easy sprinkles!

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