How to Make Fall Royal Icing Transfers

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year to make royal icing transfers. My favorite is probably the pumpkin.

Royal Icing transfer are edible sugar decorations prepared using royal icing. A transfer is royal icing piped on to a cello bag or wax paper and left to dry. Once the icing is dry you can remove and place on the cookie. They are great to use since they can be prepared ahead of time.

What you need: template (Maddie’s Cookie Co Etsy shop has great templates)

Self sealing cello bags (found on amazon)

Flat surface (metal trays from The Dollar Tree)

Royal Icing should be an outline or 20 second consistency. It’s super important your icing isn’t too thin.

Instructions: Place the template on flat surface that is slightly larger than your template. Place a cello bag, sticky side down over the template you will trace.

Pipe the outside sections of the pumpkin and the stem. Let it crust over (15-20 min then fill in the center section. Smooth with a scribe took if needed. Transfer flat surface to dry in front of a fan to dry.

Sunflower royal icing transfer:

Attach a template to a flat surface then attach a cello bags, sticky side down.

Pipe the brown middle of the flower – using 20 second icing. Let them dry for 15-20 minutes. Using a leaf tip #252 add petals to your sunflower. Once dry just peel off the cello bag backing.

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