How to make easy Watermelon cookies

How to make easy watermelon cookies


Pink Icing – outline and flood

Dark pink icing – flood

Green – outline and flood

Lime green – flood

Black – outline

White – Outline

Watermelon slice cutter from Sweet Sugarbelle

Start with outlining the wider part of cookie with green and flood green. Add a line of lime green.

Take a scribe and move in a zig zag pattern back and forth in the lime green line.

Next, using your outline pink icing outline the bottom half. Once outlined flood from the outside working your way towards the middle. Using the dark pink flood icing cut a small hole in your bag and add dots immediately after flooding in pink. To add dots use flood icing and squeeze the bag ever so slightly and pull straight up.

The last step is to add a white line with your outline icing between the green and pink section. Take black outline icing and make dots squeezing a dot and pulling back on the bag.

Easy and fun watermelon cookies!

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