How to Make Easy and Beautiful Sunflower Cookies

I love these simple Sunflower cookies perfect for your fall cookie collection.  Here’s what you will need for this simple and fun cookie

Round cookie cutter – Ann Clark Cutter

Americolor Warm Brown outline and Flood

Chocolate Jimmies/sprinkles

Americolor Egg Yellow stiff outline

Tip: 67

I like to use a round circle to etch a perfect circle to outline in brown and flood the inside.  Once flooded I add the chocolate jimmies while the flood icing is still wet.  

Allow the brown to dry for 1-2 hours 

Bag your yellow stiff icing with a number 67 Wilton tip

Place the cookie on a turntable and with tip flat. Squeeze and pull back on the bag.

Lastly add a smaller petal in between the first level of petals.  

Sit back and admire your beautiful and easy sunflower cookies!  

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