How to make bat and ghost Halloween cookies

Your friends won’t believe you made bat and ghost Halloween cookies yourself but follow my easy steps and you will have adorable and delicious cookies in one afternoon!

Halloween treats don’t have to always be black and orange, there are some fun colors you can combine like purples and greens with oranges and black to have unique and cute cookies. I love using different colors than everyone else on some of my cookies, like these purple bats that could also be used as monsters. (that’s one of the greatest things about decorating sugar cookies, you can be creative with what some of the cutters actually are and get even more shapes out of them) Follow along in this post and I will show you how to decorate and create these cute little Halloween cookies.



  • Cut-out sugar cookie dough
  • Royal icing
  • Icing colors – I use Americolor brand or Cookie Countess Brands

CUTTERS: Halloween witches hat and pumpkin by Simply Renee Sweets

Tips #2 or #2.5
Icing bags
Parchment paper
Cookie sheet
Toothpick or scribe

PME Black Sugar Pearls
Diamond dust from The Sugar Art

Back FoodDoodler Pen

Positively Purple Icing – outline and flood (gel color from cookie countess) (I did a light and dark version)
White – outline and flood
Black – outline only



Step 1:  Outline the body of the bat along with the wings and the ears with dark purple piping icing. 

Step 2:  Fill in the body (middle) section of the bat with purple flood icing.  Add 2 PME black sugar pearls for the eyes. 

Stop and allow your cookie to dry in front of a fan for 30 minutes before flooding the next section.   

Step 3: Using purple piping flood icing fill in the wings and the ears.  With light flood icing add a triangle in the middle of the ear and the body of the bat. 

Stop and allow your cookie to dry in front of a fan for 1-2 hours before flooding the next section.  


Step 4: Add a smile with a black edible marker.  Once dried (15-20min) add 2 white fangs with the teardrop method. 



Step 1:  Using black piping icing gently squeeze icing in the middle of the ghost then gently scrap black outline icing over the cookie with a scraper or paintbrush.  Add a little diamond dust for some sparkle.  

Step 2: Using white piping icing outline 2 round eyes and a mouth then outline the entire ghost 

Step 3: Fill the outlined ghost with white flood icing.  

I told you these are easier than they look! Now you can have these cute little cookies for your Halloween parties too, and feel confident in taking them in and sharing them with everyone. Make sure you post pictures of your cookies on Instagram and Facebook and tag me so I can see them too, I always enjoy seeing followers’ cookies.

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