How to make an easy pumpkin cookie platter

Making a pumpkin cookie platter couldn’t be easier, using simple sugar cookies and a quick and easy decorating method for them makes this delightful platter a breeze.

You can see there are very basic shapes used, no crazy designs or complicated steps to follow, and it is just a cute display of sugar cookies that you could use in a lot of different ways. You can easily cut out the cookies since the shapes are just teardrops and a flower pattern, and even if you don’t have an airbrush to change the shadowing on the edges, this would still look really fun on your table.

I will walk you through step-by-step how to decorate these sugar cookies to achieve this pumpkin platter, but the ways you can use it are unlimited! This would be great as a centerpiece on your table or buffet for Thanksgiving, an awesome gift to give for an event host/hostess, a cute centerpiece for a Halloween or Harvest party, to take to a party for desserts instead of the usual tray of grocery store bakery cookies, and more!

You only need 3 cutters for this pumpkin platter. All three cutters are from Kaleidacuts. I used a little airbrush tangerine dream to add a little dimension to this adorable pumpkin platter. I just lightly airbrushed around the edges of each cookie except for the middle brown cookie.

This pumpkin platter is perfect for your Thanksgiving table or a great hostess gift.

This platter even looks great sitting in the box! All you need to do is outline and flood in your favorite shades of orange and brown, use a light airbrushing of slightly darker color around the edges to add dimension, a swirl on top of the center to make it look like a cut stem, and you’re done! It couldn’t be any easier to make a large spread of cookies to arrange in a platter for your next gathering.

This would be really fun to make and take as a hostess gift to the person hosting your Thanksgiving or Harvest Gathering meal and give everyone a sweet snack while they wait for the main meal or after while they are all lounging full of delicious food. Remember to take a picture for me and share it so I can see all your beautiful Pumpkin Platters!

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