How to make a Valentine’s Box of Chocolate Cookie

How to make Valentine’s Box of Chocolate Cookies

Supplies – Heart cutter from Sweet Sugarbelle

Cookie Scribe – Summer’s Sweet Shoppe

Red icing – outline and flood

White icing – outline and flood

Light brown icing

Dark brown icing

Pink outline icing

If you are using tips I recommend a 2 or 2.5 PME tip

Outline your heart using your red outline icing with a 2 or 2.5 PME tip. Make another heart inside the heart making an extra large border for your box of chocolates. You will take your red flood icing – maple syrup consistency, and flood the extra large border. Use your cookie scribe to smooth out your icing. You will want the red icing to dry for at least 1-2 hours before adding your white flood icing to the middle.

No need to outline in white so just take your white flood icing and fill in the middle of the heart.

Now it’s time to add your chocolates. I like using a light brown and a dark brown chocolates to add some dimension to my cookie. You can etch your design, use and edible marker or just freehand like I did. You may want to make a sample cookie beforehand just so you know exactly where your chocolates will fit.

I added all my chocolates now I’m ready to add some fun details on top.

This is where you can add fun and creative details. Finally add a piped border between the red and white icing. To achieve this look I pipe a dot and pull back then pipe another dot, staying in the same place, and pulling back, almost pulling through the bottom part of the dot. Follow around the whole cookie until you get to the end.

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