How to make a turkey cookie platter

Is this not the cutest Thanksgiving Centerpiece you have ever seen, a cute Turkey Cookie Platter wins this Thanksgiving!

I saw these cutters and I think I blacked out and hit “add to cart” from sheer cuteness, next thing I knew they were in my mailbox and I couldn’t help making this cookie platter! This is going on the kids’ table this year for Thanksgiving dinner, they will love it!

This is a very easy cookie platter, it looks a lot more complicated than it is actually is, all those patterns are airbrushed on, so you really only need to do more detailed decorating on the face of the turkey. I started with my super delicious sugar cookies and once they cooled completely I did the orange and teal outline and flood icing, then let them dry and did the airbrushing, you can do any patterns you want. Once those are dried you can do the different details on the face, let everything dry again, and stack them to make the Turkey, and you’re all done!

You’re gonna love this one, and it would be fun to do as a “craft” with the kids too if you wanted to let them decorate all the feathers while you do the face. Hand them bags of icing and let them do whatever they want on the feathers, then when they are dry arrange them and look at all the fun things they came up with for the family turkey cookies.

I made my outline and flood icing the same color and got the larger teardrop cookies covered, then after they dried for a few hours I airbrushed with Cookie Countess Mermaid Teal and the Airbrush Stencil from Cookie Countess for this plaid pattern.

I did the same for the smaller teardrop feathers with Cookie Countess Tangerine Dream and a Chevron airbrush stencil.

For the flower around the turkey face, I did a yellow outline and flood and then did polka dots with the Cookie Countess Golden Yellow airbrush colors. For the face I outlined the brown and let it dry, then I made some large black dots with outline icing, and made the beak in yellow. Once those were dry completely for a few hours I used an edible marker for the eyebrows, some gray outline icing to dot the eyes, and finished with the red flood icing for the last detail.

Now you just have to stack up your cookies and make the platter, and your sugar cookie turkey comes together quickly and easily.

This was a really fun cookie project, I just love that little face and the unlimited potential for the feathers, you can make them as easy or as complicated as you want. Decorating sugar cookies with the kids can be stressful, but it can also be fun to see what they create, I definitely think we are going to make another set of these cute cookies and I will let them do the main decorating and I will work on the face. I am excited to see what your turkey cookie platter looks like, remember to take some photos and share them so I can see them on Instagram and Facebook!

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