How to make a Christmas Elf Cookie

You can bring the elf back to the shelf, but let’s also grab the sugar and flour and bring it back with a bang! I’m going to show you how to decorate these adorable Elf on the Shelf sugar cookies!

My kids always love when our elf on the shelf, Jingle, comes back to stay for a few weeks. It’s a fun tradition that we try to keep up with, some days we are more creative than others. I will admit I have looked into the Elf on the Shelf activity kits before because, well, Mama and Daddy run out of ideas about a week into this whole thing.

I wanted to do something fun for Jingle’s arrival this year so I found this cookie cutter set and decided to do it to have it as a celebration when Jingle arrives from the North Pole. This was the first Christmas Cookie I did this year, so I have them packaged up and being saved. Thankfully the kids didn’t find them on my cookie rack yet. They never get tired of my sugar cookie recipe, no matter how many times they eat them, I find that to be a miracle and also a testament that I might just have the best sugar cookie recipe possible. (unfortunately, I think my kids just expect that every mom makes a ton of cut-out cookies all the time!)

If you want to follow along I also have a video on my YouTube channel that shows you step-by-step how to decorate these Christmas Cookies, you can click here and go straight to that video.

Why you will love these adorable Elf Christmas Cookies:

  • They are personalized, you can put the elf name or your kids names, and make them personal in no time flat!
  • You can change up the colors to make them match your color scheme or the color sheme of a party or event you are part of
  • These would be great for large orders where you just put a greeting in stead of personalizing them, they still work to set out when the elf comes back
  • This is a fairly easy cookie cutter design to follow
  • You don’t need that many colors of Royal Icing to decorate these sugar cookies


  • Red – outline and flood
  • Ivory (or any skin tone color) – outline and flood
  • White – outline and flood
  • Mint/lime green – outline and flood
  • Black – outline icing
  • Brown – outline icing

Black edible marker
Glowing green airbrush color – Cookie Countess
Medium line stencil
Cookie Countess Airbrush machine



  • Step 1: Outline the rectangle in green piping icing. Using ivory (or any skin tone color) piping icing outline the elf’s face. With red piping icing outline the elf’s hat
  • Step 2: Fill in the rectangle/name plate with green flooding icing. Fill in the face with ivory flood icing and the hat with red flood icing
  • Stop and allow your cookie to dry in front of a fan for 30 minutes before flooding the next section.


  • Step 3: Using glowing green cookie countess airbrush color and a lined stencil airbrush diagonal lines on the rectangle/name plate.
  • Step 4: Outline his hands, the neck of his shirt, the brim of his hat and top pom pom in white piping icing and fill in with white flood icing.
  • Step 5: Add ears to the side of his head with ivory outline icing. Make sure to smooth out with your scribe. Add two red triangles for his shirt with red outline icing.
  • Step 6: Using brown outline icing make hair for your elf. You can use whatever color you want for your elf hair.
  • Stop and allow you cookie to dry in front of a fan for 1-2 hours before flooding the next section.
  • Step 7:  Using black outline icing make two eyes then using white outline icing to add two small dots to the eyes.  
  • Step 8: Draw his mouth, eyebrows and nose with an edible marker
  • Step 9:  Using a white piping icing with a number 2 or 1.5 tip write the name of your elf on the green rectangle/name plate.  

Allow him to dry completely (24 hours) before bagging him in a 5×7″ bag then secure with a cute pre-tied bow (amazon or Nashville wraps) to make an adorable gift from your elf.

There ya go, you’re all ready to decorate your Elf on the Shelf sugar cookies for your own family or make up a bunch and package them individually and sell them at a holiday craft show or in your business! They would be great to have ready for orders with other Christmas Cookie bundles.

Of course, I want to see your photos, so make sure to post photos of your cookies and tag me so I can see them and share them!

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