How to make a Boo Halloween Cookie

Halloween doesn’t have to be all spooky and scary, bring some fun and cuteness to the party with Boo Halloween Cookies that everyone will love and enjoy!

My favorite thing about this Boo Halloween Cookie set is all the different elements of the season you can combine in one cookie! A witch, a ghost, spider webs, and pumpkins make up this BOO, which is not scary in the least! They taste as good as they look, and I am going to walk you through all the steps needed to decorate these cute Halloween cookies.



CUTTERS: Halloween BOO cookie cutter from Simply Renee Sweets

Tips #2 or #2.5
Icing bags
Parchment paper
Cookie sheet
Toothpick or scribe

Optional Tool – Leaf Tip #352
Airbrush color silver
Cookie Countess Spider Web Stencil

  • Positively Purple Icing – outline and flood (gel color from cookie countess) (I did a light and dark version)
  • White – outline and flood
  • Orange/ Americolor Pumpkin – outline and flood
  • Light Pumpkin – flood
  • Black – outline only
  • Turquoise – outline and flood
  • Mint Green – outline only



Step 1:  Outline the witch hat in purple piping icing.  Outline the pumpkin in orange piping icing.  Using a brush or Thing-a-maGenie spread some black outline icing for the middle of the ghost.  

Step 2:  Fill the sections of the witch hat with purple flood icing.  Fill the outer sections of the pumpkin with orange flood icing.  Using light pumpkin color add small polka dots.  

Stop and allow your cookie to dry in front of a fan for 1-2 hours before flooding the next section.   

Step 3: Using teal piping icing outline the “B” and the band on the witch’s hat.  Using a 20-second icing outline and flood the step of the pumpkin.  

Step 4: Fill in the teal outline with flood icing.  

Stop and allow your cookie to dry in front of a fan for 1-2 hours before flooding the next section.  


Step 5: Using the spider web stencil airbrush with cookie countess silver airbrush color.  Outline the eyes, mouth, and rest of the ghost in white piping icing.  

Step 6:  Using white flood icing fill in the white outlined ghost.  

Step 7: Pipe a leaf with mint green outline icing and a number 352 tip.  Add an orange heart on the witches hat making

Aren’t these just the cutest?! My favorite cookies are the ones that look really complicated but when you break it all down they are actually very easy and just need layers and time to dry between the layers. Anyone is capable of decorating these cookies, believe me when I say, “if I can do this anyone can do this!” Give these Boo Cookies a try and share the photos on Instagram and tag me, I can’t wait to see your cute creations!

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