How to Host a Fun Kids Cookie Decorating Party

How to Host a Fun Kids Cookie Decorating Party

In the midst of a global pandemic I know I’m not the only parent looking for any activity or entertainment that does not involve screen time.  I’m sharing some tips on how YOU can host a cookie decorating party for kids.  

Cookie decorating combines craft time and snack time.  Cookie decorating allows kids to use their creativity and explore their imagination.  They get to create and then enjoy, then indulge with a sweet treat when the hard work is done.  

Cookie Decorating parties for kids can be super simple to put together.  The best part is YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO DECORATE THESE COOKIES LIKE A PROFESSIONAL.  For this kit I provided 6 cookies, 3 icings bags and 1 toothpick to use as a scribe.  These are perfect for your own cookie monsters or you can gather other kids to have a whole kids cookie decorating party.  

You can absolutely create different cookie themes for different ages and gender.  It can be like picking your own adventure.  From space to princesses, dinosaurs to ballerinas, or jungle animals to circus themes.  There is always something every kid can do.  

Here are some tips for creating a fun and successful cookie decorating party!

  • Prep the party area ahead of time.  Use disposable table clothes to make clean up super easy. 
  • Each child has their own work station with their own supplies.
  • Provide wet wipes or damp paper towels at each station to cut down on the mess.  Kids are messy but that’s just part of the fun, right!?
  • Take pictures along the way  and of their finished products before they bit into them.  

You don’t need a special occasion to host a cookie decorating party for kids.   It’s makes for a fun activity and snack time any day of the year.  

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