How to Hand Letter on a Cookie

What is hand letter or calligraphy for cookies

Hand lettering is modern day calligraphy on cookies.  You see it everywhere now so why not hand letter on cookies!  Hand lettering can be a daunting and challenging but I’m here to break it down so you feel more confident in your hand lettering on cookies. 

Icing Consistency – use medium (20 sec)

When hand lettering on cookies the number 1 and first think you need to do is make sure your icing consistency is just right.  You want your icing to be somewhere in between flood consistency and outline consistency.  I like to call this medium or 20 second icing.  You want the icing thin enough to dry smooth but thick enough it is puffy. 

Pressure Piping v. Fill in

Pressure piping is when you use outline icing and squeeze harder on the downward stroke.  It’s quicker than the fill in method.  (The pressure piped is the cookie on top.)

The fill in method is when you outline the downward stroke sections.  You will want to outline and flood one cookie all at the same time.  I like to use a 2 or 1.5 PME size tip.  This will help lesson the chance to craters.  I like to go letter by letter when flooding and using the scribe, running through the icing to smooth out the icing.  

Use a projector 

I like to use a projector to trace the design.  This ensures I get clean lines.  I use a picco pocket projector from Amazon.  

Practice, Practice, Practice – It will take time and lots of practice.  A lot is muscle memory so the more you practice the easier it will get.  I have a practice sheet you can download from my website under download printable 

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  1. Hi Summer where can I find the download for the printable practice sheet please and thank you.