How to get Puffy Icing

I get asked all the time, how do you get your icing so puffy on your cookies! I’m here to tell you my best tips on how you too can get puffy icing.

Thicker Flood Icing

First you want to have a thicker flood icing. My flood icing is typically around 10-13 second icing which means it takes approximately 10-13 for the icing to settle out and become smooth. If your icing is too thick it will be lumpy and if its too thin it will over flow on your cookie.

The Right Consistency

Getting the right consistency is the biggest challenge and makes the biggest impact in your cookie decorating.

Use that Scribe Tool

Another helpful tip for getting puffy icing is using your scribe tool and make gentle circular motion pushing your flood icing closer to your outline. Use a circular motion so that you don’t disturb the outline. It’s always a good idea to let your outline icing dry for 5-10 minutes before flooding your cookie!

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