Five Tips for Making Mini Cookies

I love making mini cookies! I especially love mini’s for holidays! Whenever I’m making mini’s I have a few guidelines that I always follow. Here are my top 5 tips when making mini cookies!

  1. Do not bake mini cookies on the same tray with regular size cookies. I always bake mini’s on a tray by themselves. I typically space them closer together, this keeps them from burning, and I bake them for one less minute than my regular (approx 3 inch) cookies.
  2. Keep designs simple. You will be making lots of the same cookie and working on a small surface so you want simpler designs so that you can move faster.
  3. Use one consistency. When I’m decorating regular size cookies I always use two consistencies, an outline and a flood consistency. When working with a smaller surface using one consistency can save you time not have to make two different bags of icing. Again, you are able to move faster.
  4. Use sprinkles or airbrushing to accent your mini cookies. Airbrushing is an easy way to add details without adding extra time. Everyone loves sprinkles and they can quickly jazz up a cookie!
  5. Cute packaging can take those mini cookies to a whole new level. I love to use clear bags, cute tags or a bag topper and tie it all up with a bow. (Most of these items can be found in my shop page)

These are my tried and true tips when making mini cookies. Minis can be great for holidays, especially holidays for kids like Halloween and Easter. They also make great fillers for custom sets. You can’t go wrong with mini cookies.

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  1. What is the consistency of your icing for minis? How many “seconds” and should it still have the continuous ribbon?