Filling your Decorating Bag

Your colors have all been mixed and you are ready to fill your piping bags. I like to use tipless bags. These make it super easy to either use a tip or go tipless. I discussed in another post why I like to use a tip with my tipless bag when outlining. I usually outline with a #2 PME and #2.5 PME.

I also like a tipless bag that has a texture to them and not smooth.

To fill my piping bag I open them up and fold the bag over a cup. Make sure you are using a tall cup. Now I take my bowl and slowly pour my icing into the icing bag. Folding your bag over the cup keeps it from collapsing and helps you to have one hand on the bowl and one hand on the spatula.

Once your bag is full to your liking slowly take the folded edge of your bag and lift off the cup. I then grab the bag at the top of the icing, sqeeze and twist tightly. This ensures you get most of the air out of the bag. I will either secure with a bag clip or tie in a knot. Make sure to secure the top of your bag so that icing doesn’t dry out or spill out of your bag while working.

Happy Decorating!

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