Cookie Decorating Essential Tools

You have seen the pictures and watched all the videos; now you want to try your hand at decorating cookies. You might be asking what supplies and tools do you need to get started. Just like a builder needs tools, a painter needs a canvas and paints, or a photographer needs a camera you need some supplies to get you started. Whether you want to decorate cookies as a hobby or whether you want to start a business, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of money, so I’m going to try and keep this list to a minimum.

First things first – here are a few essentials.

A Few Essentials

You will want a Stand Mixer, Rolling Pin, and Baking Sheets.

You may already have these as staples in your kitchen but just in case, here are some recommendations: For baking sheets, I recommend Air-Bake baking pans. They bake cookies evenly. I used a standard regular rolling pin for many, many years and it worked great, but if you want to get the same thickness on your cookies every time, I suggest a Precision Rolling Pin. I have this one from The Cookie Countess, and I love it. No more guessing the thickness of your cookie.

Now we’re ready to decorate!

Icing Tips

To start with you need some icing tips. My favorite and most used tips are #2, #3 and #1.5. I use a tip almost every time I’m piping and outlining a cookie. Using the tip helps to keep control of your icing. Some of the reasons for so many tips is so you have enough for all the different colors you will be using. You don’t want to have to stop in the middle of decorating to wash tips. Another reason to outline with a tip is when it’s time for details you can easily switch out the tip and add those final details without having to rebag your icing. I love giving you tips!

Piping Bags, Couplers, and Bag Clips

The next supplies you need are piping bags, couplers, and bag clips. I like to use disposable tipless bags. They’re great because they have only one seam, and if you cut them just right they will have a rounded tip that acts like a tip on the end of your bag. The bag clips are optional, but I highly recommend them. They help in the frustration of icing spilling out the top of your bag. To color your icing I use and recommend Americolor Food Gels. Amazon carries a wide variety of sizes plus great starter kits.

Finally, you need couplers. The couplers allow you to switch your tips without having to re-bag your icing. I recommend getting between 8-10 to start with. This is a time-saving tip you won’t regret.

Measuring Spoons, Bowls, and Spatulas

Measuring spoons, bowls, and spatulas are most definitely necessary. I have gathered many spatulas over the years but have found my favorite are these colorful ones from Amazon. They are comfortable and easy to clean. I like to use Ziploc plastic bowls to mix my icing colors in. My favorite thing about these is that they come with lids so if I have any leftover icing they are easy to store and pop in the fridge.

Teaspoon and Water

Lastly, I like to have a small bowl of water with a teaspoon sitting beside me as I decorate. I use this to thin out my icing when I’m ready to flood. I add one teaspoon at a time to get just the right consistency.

These tips and supply list should set you up for many successful baking adventures. Experiment and have fun!

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