Three Steps to Gain Your First 1,000 Social Media Followers

Discover the three simple steps to get followers on your sugar cookie business social media accounts.

Starting a business from scratch is hard work, and it’s full of unknowns and uncertainties. But
building your audience is a vital part of having a business.

We all want to “build it, and they will come,” but unfortunately, that’s not the way it works. We
all want our ideal customers to find us and start following us immediately when they see what
a great business we have.

You create great content your ideal customer will love. And you want that content in front of
as many of your ideal customers as you can. That means more social media followers.

We can share beautiful cookie photos and videos all day but is that our ideal customer? What
content are you sharing on your social pages that speak directly to your ideal customer?

Today I’m sharing three simple steps to getting your first 1000 followers on social media.

Post Consistently

I say it all the time, Consistency is key!!! Building an audience means being
consistent. When I first started my business social media page years ago, I

only posted once or twice
a week. I had someone ask me why I batch-posted on my business page. I spent more time on my personal page than cultivating and nurturing my business page.

She gave me the biggest tip I will never forget. She said, “Summer, if you want to
have 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000 followers on your social media page, then you
have to TREAT it like you have a huge following”.

What she meant was I needed
to spend time there, create a community and serve the people there.

Don’t focus so much on getting new people but on serving the people who are
already there.

Showing up here and there was not getting me where I wanted to go. I started to
step up my game and started posting daily – consistently and with intention.

Create a content plan by printing a monthly or weekly calendar.

Sit down and plan out what you will be posting a week at a time. Schedule it to
save time and brain power.

Once you post, don’t forget to come back and engage with your post. Responds
to comments and engage with followers. This will help you to start building a
community and a connection with your audience.

Share Valuable Content

Posting cookie photos or videos is not going to help you attract and connect with
the right audience. Your goal should be to connect with your audience and gain
new followers who find your content valuable.

Some ways to increase engagement can be posts that:

  • Ask a question – we call this a Call to Action; you are asking for their
    opinion and want them to respond to you
  • Post quick tips – sharing a tip that will give them a win helps build
  • Share a win from a customer – how they used their cookies or how
    they felt after your cookie class, how your cookies made their little
    one’s birthday or holiday celebration…This allows followers to relate
    to see themselves in what you offer.

Keep it simple. Assign a theme to each day, i.e., motivational Monday, tip
Tuesday, what’s working Wednesday, thoughts on Thursday…. Share something
with your audience.

Share something that can help them get their results quickly.

Show Up

I know starting a business is hard work, and now you gotta show up, but this is
how you will attract and gain more followers. I know people don’t like showing
their faces on social because of fear, anxiety, doubts, and insecurities. But you
gotta fake it til you make it and push through the fears and insecurities. You
don’t always have to show your face; you can do a text overlay of a video or a

Going live on Facebook is a great way to build your audience. It doesn’t have to be long
or complicated. It can be just sharing how you made a cookie, prepped for a cookie
class, or how you packaged your latest cookie set.

Don’t focus on the number of people who are there. Say hi to the people who are there, and you are glad they are there.

Engage with them. Ask them how they are doing to ask them to respond to your
question in the comments.

When you show up consistently, you will be pleasantly surprised and how many people
will start showing up b/c you are bringing value and they like what you have to share.
When it’s time to launch something new, like pre-orders, a cookie class, or a new offer.
You can create an “event” in the events section of your Facebook page. This sends a
reminder to all your followers an hour before the live.

Keep these three steps in mind as you are growing your social media pages. Don’t fall
into the trap of comparing yourself to others. Keep the focus on your business and how
you are serving your community.

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