Consistency is Key

Are you consistent when you are sharing and marketing your Cookie Classes? 

Do you show up for your audience consistently sharing before, during and after experiences with your audience? That could be with photos, videos, testimonials etc?

Do you share your why and share about yourself with your community?

When it comes to building a successful Cookie Business, Consistency is key.  We say the word consistently all the time in our industry, but it also applies to the business side, not just our icing.  When your business is built on building relationships and giving people an experience, you must be consistent.  

Here are a few tips on staying consistent to help grow your Cookie Class Business this year.  

  1. Plan your class 

To avoid the stress and overwhelm plan your cookie classes well ahead of time.  You should be planning a minimum of 2 months ahead.  Knowing what cookie classes you will be teaching and venues you want to teach at.  

Once you have a plan – a date, time, and place – it allows you to focus on marketing your class and curating an experience for your students.  It allows time for any hiccups whether that be business or personal because you know they will come up. 

2. Go Live with your audience

When you are building your audience, you are building that know like and trust factor with them.  That means showing up for them and sharing with them-live. 

You must show up – this is something I am learning from my Mastermind 

especially recently.  If you want to grow your audience and grow your cookie class business, you have to go live and get in front of your audience.  I’m sure you have noticed that I’m doing more FB lives and that is exactly why.  I’m very present in my memberships but I need to be present for my audience and my community.  

I recently started going live once a week inside my fb group How to Start Selling Decorated Sugar Cookies after I realized I had people in there who have said they want or have a cookie business and I was not showing up consistently for that audience.  I just started doing this but I have a feeling they are going to love it and start tuning in – because I’m going to be consistent.  That is the KEY!!! 

I know going live for the first time is super scary.  I get it.  But it’s so worth it.  You can share tips, give a pep talk, share techniques. 

3. Email your list

Your email list is yours, you own it.  You have mostly likely worked hard to get those names on that list.  Treat it as an asset and use it.  They signed up for your list because they want to hear from you.  Otherwise they wouldn’t have signed up. 

Remember too long ago the day that fb and IG wen to down for almost the whole day?  Like everyone else, I panicked a little.  I’m on social media a lot and it’s a big way I stay in touch with my audience, share products in my shop, promote workshops, etc.  How can I do that if fb and IG are down.  

But wait, I have my email list.  It doesn’t always have to be complicated or long – keep it simple, quick, and easy.  If you are not emailing your list consistently, you are leaving money on the table.  

Send emails weekly.  Talk about your upcoming class, a class you recently did and what you are looking forward to.  You could even do a fun reveal in your email.  

Email your list to nurture them – you are building a relationship with them and building that know like and trust.  

4. Post on Social Media

Social media doesn’t work unless you work it.  It doesn’t work for you.  In order to build an audience, you have to post consistently.  Create a plan, start just a week at a time, and stick to it.  I like to write in pencil or erasable pen because I’m always changing something or moving something around.  Start with posting once a day.  Ideally you goal should be to be posting 2-3 times a day.  Make sure they are intentional and bring value to your audience.  Mix reels with carousal posts.

5. Talk about your Cookie Classes

Talk about your cookie classes…a lot.  So many times we think we sound like a broken record and that everyone has already heard about our classes.  But that’s not truth.  A small percentage of your audience will hear everything you have to share.  

Share your Cookie Class by sharing the different cookies you will be making.  Walk them through what is looks like to take a class with you.  Create community and excitement through your class reveals and sneak peeks.  Talk to them about the fun experience people have had that came to your class. Share testimonials in email and on social media.  Talking about your class will create a buzz and create that FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).  

You don’t have to do all 5 of these things – pick one or two and stay consistent.  Make them a habit and really focus on them.  Get good at it them layer on the next one.  Stay consistent and stay the course. It will pay off in the end.  

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