Connecting with your cookie business audience

Growing your cookie business is all about ensuring you’re reaching the right audience to build meaningful relationships with and allowing them to get to know you so they can spend money with you.

In the cookie world, it’s not just about delicious cookies; it’s also about forming genuine
connections with your customers and your community. These connections are the icing on the
cookie, and it’s what sets you apart from others.

You might be asking…, why is making connections so important?

It’s important because you want to stand out from the crowd.

In a world where small businesses are all around us, people want to buy from those they know,
like, and trust.

It starts with genuine passion and authenticity. When you pour your heart and soul into your
cookies, it’s like sharing a piece of yourself with your customers.

Word of mouth was huge for my business and helped me grow substantially especially when I
was just starting out. Repeat customers who told their friends about my amazing cookies is
what help my business grow. Over time, and cookies, I connected with those repeat customers
and they loved buying from you whether it was a custom cookie or holiday cookies they were
eager to support me.

Building connections fosters customer loyalty, trust and a sense of community around your
business. So how are you going to establish these connections? Let’s dive into some practical
strategies you can implement today.

  1. Engage on Social Media – Encourage people to actively participate in conversations on
    your social platforms like IG, FB , ask questions and have a call to action for them to
    interact with you.
  1. Storytelling – Storytelling is a powerful tool for connecting with your audience. It shows
    that you are a real person and business owner. You are able to share your journey with
    them and make it relatable to them.
  2. Personalization – It’s important to personalize your interactions with your audience
    from addressing them by name in an email to chatting with them on social media.
    People love their own names and love when you remember them.
  3. Feedback Loop – Feedback from customers is invaluable in improving what you are
    offering to your customers. Listen to what they are telling you.

It’s all about creating an environment where your customers feel heard and valued.

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