How to use an Edible Image

Edible Image

Edible Images are great to use for super detailed designs or business and company logos. First off, lets talk about equipment you need.


I purchased a Cannon ts6020. It’s basically a regular printer however I use and only edible ink. The ink is from Icing Images. The cartridges are refillable up to 3 times. It works just like a regular printer and you feed the sheets in from the top.


The icing sheets are basically sugar paper that have a backing. These sheets can be ordered from Inkedibles.


First you want to flood your cookies. Most of the time you will flood them white but you can use any color you prefer. You want to make sure your flooded cookie dries for at least 8 hours.


Once your cookies has sufficiently dried you are ready to apply your image. First you want to get your Clear Piping Gel and a paint brush. I used Wilton brand. This can be found in the cake decorating aisle at Michael’s or Walmart.

You will first paint a light coat on your cookies. Once you have painted a light coat you are ready to put on your edible image. Take the backing off and place the image on the cookie. Make sure it’s smooth and lined up.


Once you have secured your image on to your cookie your ready to add a fun border. There are many options. You can add sanding sugar around the edge or my favorite is to pipe a small border around the image. I used a white outline icing to pipe a border.


The edible image is perfect for complicated designs such as characters but also great for business and company logos. Many times businesses will use these cookies for marketing purposes.

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