How to Make Wreath Cookies

Easter Wreath Cookies

  • You will need:
  • Round Sugar Cookie
  • 3 inch round cookie cutter
  • 3 tipless bags
  • 1 Wilton Tip #233
  • Royal Icing – Light Blue and Brown
  • Brown airbrush color (or gel color mixed with everclear)
  • Cadbury Chocolate eggs


Cut out and bake your 3 inch round sugar cookies. Fill your tipless bag with light blue piping icing. The remaining royal icing make in to flood icing using water to thin it out.

Bag the flood icing in a tipless bag. Go ahead and outline and flood your round cookies.

You want to make sure you allow at least 8 hours, or overnight, for your cookie to dry before you add your “wreath and eggs“.


Now your ready to add the speckle to your cookie.

Take a paint brush, any will do, and dip a little in brown airbrush bottle. Pull out the paintbrush and flick specks on to the cookie by tapping the side of the brush over the cookie or pull back the bristles on the brush with your finger.


Now you are ready for your Easter wreath. Put your #233 tip in your tipless bag and secure with a coupler. Now fill your piping bag with the brown icing. Make a round “nest” in the center of your cookie.


Place your Hershey eggs on top! Now you have the perfect easy and fun Easter Wreath complete with eggs.

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