How to Make Paint Your Own Cookies (PYO)

Paint your own cookies are such a fun idea for kids birthdays and holidays. They not only make great yummies for the kids to take home as a party favor but such a fun activity for them as well. Adults find them super fun as well!

Paint Your Own Cookies Tutorial

  • Items you need
  • Stencil of your choice
  • Black Thick Royal Icing
  • Scraper or Spatula
  • Stencil Genie from Creative Cookier


Flood your cookies white and make sure you let them dry 8-10 hours or overnight before using a stencil!


Let’s assemble the Stencil in the Stencil Genie. First, pull apart your stencil genie and place the thicker side down with the magnets pointing up. Next, place your stencil on the genie. Last, place the top section of the stencil genie with the magnets pointing down towards the counter. You will here it “snap” into place as the magnets connect.


Now you are ready to go. I like to work with my black icing directly from the bowl or you can use from a piping bag. Either pipe your black icing onto your spatula or grab some from your bowl. I like to hold down my stencil by holding either side of the stencil genie.


I also find it helpful to start at an angle on the stencil so that I’m not pulling any pieces of the stencil up as I scrape across.


You will scrape the entire surface and make sure you cover every part of your stencil. Once it’s sufficiently covered wipe you spatula off and scrape any excess icing off. You want to make sure you can see the cookie under your stencil, that’s how much icing you scrape off.


For the last step you carefully pull the stencil genie up from your cookie and tada, you have a beautiful stencil ready to decorate with watercolors.


I love Cookie Countess Paint Palettes. They come in different colors (usually 4) per holiday or event. They make it super easy for packaging and use. The Cookie Countess also has small paint brushes that can be purchased along with the paint palettes but an inexpensive dollar store paint brush works just as well.


To paint on the cookie just wet your paint brush and choose a color and start painting!

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  1. So, I made these and when the kids painted them they turned into a black mess. Any suggestions on how to keep that from happening?

    1. Great question! That definitely happens sometimes. You can use white icing or I’ve even seen it in gray. That would help with the black icing bleeding everywhere! Hope that helps!
      Thanks so much