How to Make Easy and Fun Easter Peep Cookies

Easter Peep Cookies


  • Sugar Cookies
  • Wilton Peep Cookie Cutter
  • Tipless Bags
  • Americolor Food Gel – Soft Pink
  • White Sanding Sugar


Once you have cut out and baked your cookies make sure they are cool for at least an hour before you get ready to decorate.

You next want to bag your piping icing in a tipless bag

Leave some in the bowl to use for flooding. To thin your icing to flood consistency start using 1/2 tsp of water. Mix well and add a little more water until just the right consistency. You want your flood icing to be a continuous ribbon of icing coming off the spatula.


Cut your piping outline icing bag with the seam facing the ceiling and cut straight across making a small hole at the end of the bag mimicking a round tip.


Now it’s time to cut your flood icing bag. You can cut the hole a little bigger.


Once you have flooded your peep cookie place it in a coffee filter for the next step. Grab the white sanding sugar and sprinkle evenly over the wet icing. This step must me done when your icing is wet or the sanding sugar will not stick.


Once you have covered the cookie gently pick up the cookie and shack off the access.


For the last and final step take your brown piping icing and place two small dots for the eyes and one for the nose.


There you have the cutest Easter peep cookie! These are perfect for your littles Easter basket or even decorate with your kiddos.

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