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Can I freeze your cookies?

Yes! My cookies freeze very well! To freeze the cookies you will very carefully place them in an air tight container like a ziplock or gladware container. Rather than stacking them on top of one another, try stacking them on their sides. You will then take them out of the freezer the night before you’ll be needing them. DO NOT open the container until the cookies are completely thawed. This is the most important step, opening the container may cause condensation and will ruin the cookies.

Can you provide nut-free and gluten-free cookies?

My cookies are nut-free but I do have nuts in my house. I do not offer gluten-free cookies.

Do you ship your cookies?

I cannot ship my cookies!

How do I pay and do you require a deposit?

I do not require payment ahead of time but I can email and invoice to be paid online. I take payment at the time of pick-up including cash, check, card or PayPal.

How do the cookies come packaged and how long will they last?

Each cookie comes individually wrapped and placed in a white bakery box! This ensures freshness! The cookies will be good from 10-14 days.

How far in advance do I need to order?

I typically am booked 3-4 weeks out. I recommend booking at least 1-2 months out.

How much are your cookies?

See my pricing tab for all cookie pricing and minimum order requirements.

How do I place an order?

To place an order or receive a quote please email at summer@summerssweetshoppe.com. You can also message me on my Facebook business page. For a smoother ordering process please include all order info in your message, date, theme, occasion, and quantity, etc.