Easy Stadium Cookies

It’s almost time for the biggest game of the year – the Super Bowl. One main staple for a great super bowl party is the food. These easy stadium cookies make the perfect addition to your yummy spread on game.

These easy stadium cookies look great with some football and gameplay cookies.

Stadium Cookies

  • You will need:
  • Green outline icing
  • Green flood icing
  • White outline icing
  • White flood icing
  • Rainbow non-pareils sprinkles


Use an edible marker to make a line straight across the middle of your cookie. You will want this as a guide when you get ready to outline.


Using Green icing outline and flood one half of your cookie and let dry.


Once the green icing is completely dry, you can outline and flood the other half of your cookie.


Now it’s time for the fun part. Lightly sprinkle your rainbow nonpareils on the white icing.


After you have added the nonpareils use your white piping icing to make lines on the green section.

Once dry gently shake off any loose nonpareils.

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