Do Your Sugar Cookies Spread?

Do your sugar cookies spread? For many cookie decorators this can be a challenging problem. One of the numbe3r goals of a beautifully decorated cookies is a cut out sugar cookie that keeps its‘ shape. I’m here to give you my best tips and tricks on how to get beautiful, spread-free sugar cookies!

1. Use the right ingredients and right measurements

I am not strick on what ingredients I use EXCEPT for my baking powder and my flour. I have found through trial and error that Clabber Girl Baking Powder and Kind Arthurs All Purpose Flour at the only name brands I put in my cookies. Everything else is store brand. Baking cookies is a science so make sure you are using the exact amount that your recipe calls for.

2. Size Matters

I am a firm believer that size matters when it comes to cookie spread. I like a thicker cookie – 1 because I like an equal amount of cookie vs icing in each bite. Second I believe that a thicker cookies holds its’ shape better when baked in the oven. I prefer a 3/8”. I use a precision rolling pin from The Cookie Countess and I love it. It guarantees that every cookie is the same thickness.

3. Chill before Baking

If you are having trouble with cookie spread I would recommend chilling your cut out cookies (on their pan) before placing them in the oven. This will help the dough set and should help your cookies to keep their shape. My signature sugar cookie recipe does not require chilling your dough but some recipes do.

4. Using the right Pans

Make sure you are using light metal pans as the dark aluminum pans tend to brown sugar cookies and not bake them evenly. I prefer Air-Bake pans. They bake very evenly and the bottoms don’t brown.

These are my best tips for keeping your cut out sugar cookies from spreading and baking just right!

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